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It was a real hot day when we played at the Halifax MusicFest.  A special thanks to Will the Thrill for helping us out.

July 2008

McClureCarn.jpg (70472 bytes)

We played at Halifax in the afternoon and ended up at the McClure PotPie Festival later that evening.  We had a great time but were pretty tired at the end of the day.

July 2008

Band008.jpg (54884 bytes)

What a thrill to play at the Ickesburg Carnival.  We met many new friends and caught up with old friends.

July 2008

Band010.jpg (59282 bytes)

We always have a great time at the Mifflintown Legion!

July 2008

Band019.jpg (62168 bytes)

Everybody was in a partying mood at the Huntingdon Legion.  Thanks Andy and Dustin for helping us out.

July 2008

Band029.jpg (72220 bytes)

We had a great time playing in the gazebo at Lykens Park.  It was nice to see our friends and neighbors there.

August 2008

Band034.jpg (55176 bytes)

And on to the Huntingdon County Fair.   What a great crowd there!

August 2008

Band036.jpg (59705 bytes)

It was a nice day at Grubb's Church Fest.  And the chicken and waffles weren't bad either!

August 2008

MiddleCreek 001.jpg (69948 bytes)

We spent a rainy Saturday night in the barn at the Middle Creek Tractor Show.  We had a great time and saw many friends there.    And a couple of really BIG spiders!!  Special thanks to Richard Rupert for helping us out on bass.

September 2008

LewistownMoose 004.jpg (60540 bytes)

What a GREAT crowd at the Lewistown Moose!

We had them dancing like Pete and rolling on the floor! (see below)

October 2008

                                   LewistownMoose 006.jpg (40644 bytes)                   LewistownMoose 0131.jpg (32979 bytes)

MMCMilton101108.jpg (55295 bytes)

Make Mine Country at the Milton Moose in October (above and below).  Special thanks to Richard and Mike for keeping us where we needed to be.

MiltonMoose101108.jpg (60192 bytes)


MarascoBen102608.jpg (60884 bytes)

We were happy to lend our support to the Marasco Benefit in October

Reedsville.jpg (69085 bytes)

At the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville on Halloween night.  Special thanks to Curt Nealman (above and below) for filling Kingy's shoes

MtownMoose.jpg (58090 bytes)

At the Millerstown Moose in November

MMCShMtnRest111508.jpg (53730 bytes)

At the Shade Mountain Restaurant in November

Rdsville112108.jpg (77534 bytes)

Back in Reedsville in November

Mechburg 005Crpd.jpg (94328 bytes)

Photos above and below are from the Joseph Beigh Benefit Pancake Breakfast in Mechanicsburg in December.

Even Santa Claus was there!!  Did you know Santa can dance??

DancinSanta.jpg (63893 bytes)

Mechburg 009PSd.jpg (73121 bytes)

We met a new friend at the Beigh Pancake Benefit in Mechanicsburg.  Thanks for singing with us, Darnell.  Hope we have the chance to do it again.

121808 048.jpg (69670 bytes)

What a great time at the CD Release Party and Jam at Middleburg in December

NewYearMMC 001ph.jpg (54028 bytes)

We rang in the New Year at the Shade Mountain Restaurant with our fans and friends!!



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