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Photos above and below were taken at the Fisherville Festival in July.  We had friends, family and fans there who drove quite a distance to see us.   We're really glad that you came out - it was a beautiful evening. We thought the photo below looks like we were playing at a Halloween party!!!

Follow the link below to check out our MySpace friends Dave and Lois's photos too....

Dave and Lois's Photos

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WmsburgLeg 004.jpg (66144 bytes)

We played at the Williamsburg Legion in July.  Our first time there.  We met some new friends there and were pleasantly surprised to see some of our old friends too!

WmsburgLeg 007.jpg (58690 bytes)

Reedsville0709 013.jpg (77459 bytes)

We had a great time at Reedsville in July.  We were happy to see Harold Overcash from Shippensburg come out to Reedsville.  Photos below feature some of our other friends in the audience who played with us.

Reedsville0709 015.jpg (67413 bytes)

Dave Mudgett, John Traxler and Andy Dobbs with us on stage at Reedsville.

Reedsville0709 029.jpg (69283 bytes)

We helped Jim celebrate a significant birthday at Reedsville too.  We'll just say he is now eligible for many discounts..... :)

Ickesburg0709 007.jpg (75171 bytes)

We played a great gig at the Ickesburg Fireman's Carnival in July.  We had rain to set up and tear down but it held off while we did the show.   It was a thrill for us to see our good friends from Shippensburg there and our online friends too.

HickCorn 039.jpg (54170 bytes)

It was another evening of rain at the Hickory Corners Fireman's Carnival in early August.  We were happy to see Jason Etzweiler of the Lykens Valley Bluegrass Band there and asked him to do a few numbers with us.

PathValley 012.jpg (76167 bytes)

It is always a thrill for us to play a new venue.  This time for the residents of nearby Dry Run at the Path Valley Picnic in early August.   Many of our friends came out to share the evening with us. Thank you always for your support!

Lykens 014.jpg (56687 bytes)

We were scheduled at the gazebo in Lykens Park in mid-August.   But not a big surprise - it rained and stormed as we were driving there.   Special thanks to Kevin Jury for his hospitality in letting us perform at his restaurant - Kevin's Place.  Nice to see the rain didn't keep the crowd away!

Lykens 007.jpg (64718 bytes)

Marasco.jpg (68726 bytes)

We were happy to give our support to the Rachael Marasco Benefit held at the Mifflin County Youth Park in August.  We wish only good things for Rachael and her family.

MMCReedsville0809 001.jpg (74286 bytes)

We came back to the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville in August.   We always like to see all of our friends enjoying themselves on the great dance floor at the Dutch Country Inn.

CtrCtyGrange1.jpg (78192 bytes)

Photos above and below taken at the Centre County Grange Fair in early September.  What a great venue!!  It was our first visit to the Grange Fair and we got to meet so many new friends.  And got to catch up with a lot of friends that we haven't seen for a long time.  Special thanks to Virginia Letterman for the invitation.

CtrCtyGrange2.jpg (73256 bytes)

MifftownLeg0909 015.jpg (64868 bytes)

The Mifflintown Legion was the place to be to dance the night away on the Friday before Labor Day.  And we really enjoyed the steak also!!

MMCPennsCave 026.jpg (76770 bytes)

Photos above and below from the Penns Cave Antique Machinery Show near Centre Hall.  Photo above is the view from Alan's shoulder looking out into the great crowd we had on the first day of the show in mid-September.

MMCPennsCave 020.jpg (93015 bytes)

McClureBeanSoup 002.jpg (82060 bytes)

At the McClure Bean Soup Festival and Fair in mid-September.   Many legends in country music have performed on the stage at the Bean Soup.   It was an honor for us to be a part of this year's event.

MMCReedsville09181.jpg (79141 bytes)

Back at the Dutch Country Inn in September.  Photo above features Dave Lauver singing a tune with the band and John Traxler on steel guitar.   Photo below makes a person wonder what Alan and Jim are smiling about.....!!!!!!!

jimalan.jpg (94277 bytes)

Gratz 028.jpg (77846 bytes)

What a great crowd at the Gratz Fair in late September.   The pavillion and stage are new at the fair. 

NatAppleHarv1009 017.jpg (104303 bytes)

Here we are at the National Apple Harvest Festival in early October.  The photos above and below show our friends and fans and the great crowd we had there.  Thanks to all for your support.

Check the link below to see Dave and Lois' photos also.

Dave and Lois' Photos

NatAppleHarv1009 008.jpg (82009 bytes)

Kingy's cousin from McConnellsburg came to the show.

bandsign2.jpg (104386 bytes)

Check out the sign Sharon made......it really brought a smile to our faces!

bandcrowd.jpg (93773 bytes)

Check out this great crowd!!!

SullCtyRdhouse 001.jpg (73648 bytes)

Photos above and below from when we traveled to the north country in early October to play at the Sullivan County Roadhouse.  What a great place!!  We had a great dinner, met some new friends and really enjoyed ourselves! Until we had to pack up and make the long journey home... :)

SullCtyRdhouse 007.jpg (63259 bytes)

BarnSign.jpg (80523 bytes)

Photos above and below at the Barnyard in mid-October on a cold and snowy! Saturday night.  We warmed up the place with great music and great friends!

BarnStage.jpg (75687 bytes)

RdsvilleMarascoMifftown 003.jpg (64975 bytes)

Back at the Dutch Country Inn in late October on a rainy Friday night.  Thanks to all who braved the weather to come and hear us.

RdsvilleMarascoMifftown 009.jpg (64160 bytes)

We were honored to be part of the benefit for Rachael Marasco in late October. It was a day full of music and friends, all for a good cause.


JSDuo1009.jpg (88893 bytes)

Jim and Shelby perform their duo act in late October for the Stone Creek Valley Lions Club community day and horseshoe pitching event.

ShadeMtn1.jpg (63662 bytes)

We were all ready for Halloween night at the Shade Mountain Restaurant (above and below).  We are still trying to figure out who our drummer was....

ShadeMtn2.jpg (54432 bytes)

Reedsville1109 002.jpg (80912 bytes)

Friends from far and wide came out to the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville in early November.  It was so nice to see everyone!!

Lykens1109 002.jpg (66945 bytes)

Photos above and below from Kevin's Place in Lykens in early November.  Our friends drove a long distance to spend the evening with us.  We appreciate all the miles and time you spend to be with us.

Lykens1109 021.jpg (53889 bytes)

Ship01.jpg (67856 bytes)

We were honored to be asked to perform at the Grand Old Jamboree near Orrstown in mid-November.  Special thanks to Harold Overcash for helping us out on bass.  And to all of our fans in that area, THANKS for your support!  Hope to see you again soon.

Ship02.jpg (71691 bytes)

Hunt01.jpg (62081 bytes)

The Huntingdon VFW was hopping in mid-November.  We were happy to see Charlie, Angela and the 'army' from State College and Altoona!!  Hope you can make it to another show.

mltownmoose1209 033.jpg (64895 bytes)

We were at the Millerstown Moose in early December.   Special thanks to Joseph for helping us out on drums.  And thanks to Don Meas from the band Black Mountain Jack for  doing a few songs with us.  Hope to see you again soon.

SonestownMP1209 007.jpg (58111 bytes)

Photos above and below from the Sonestown American Legion in mid-December.  We were thrilled to have a few special guests there to see us.   Mike and Kathy Parrish, and Gary Swartz made their way to the Legion to share the evening with us. Photo above features Mike singing on stage with the band and in the photo below, Gary does one of his signature songs.  Special thanks to Mike Peters for filling in on drums.

SonestownGS1209 009.jpg (64329 bytes)

Reedsville1209.jpg (82402 bytes)

Photos above and below at the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville.   Below, Alan met two new friends, Aggie and Evelyn. They wanted to take him home!!

Rdsvle1209AG.jpg (76877 bytes)

Barnyard123109 007.jpg (64844 bytes)

We celebrated New Year's Eve at the Barnyard in Mifflinburg.   Wow, what a great night!  The weather was questionable but the aura of the crowd wasn't.  A great place to celebrate the new year with fans and friends.

Barnyard123109 029.jpg (83401 bytes)

Alan had a new drum head made and debuted it on New Year's Eve.  I have a special fondness of it  :)

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