2009 Photos

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WOW!  (Above and below) What a thrill to play at the 2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show.  We opened for the Pro Circuit Rodeo on Friday and Saturday afternoons.

January 2009

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We were back in Reedsville on a warm January Friday night.   Always good to see familiar faces and new ones too.

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Back at the Dutch Country Inn in February.  Here is Dick McDermott singing with us - seems he and Jim know the same songs!!  Special thanks to Curt Nealman and Alan Golden for helping us out.

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At Mom's Birthday Bash at the Halifax VFW in February.   Richard Rupert and Dean Stroup traveled a long way to help us out - thanks guys!   And a very happy birthday to you mom!!

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We played before a packed house at the Millerstown Moose on the last day of February.  It was great to see some friends that we hadn't seen for quite some time.  Hope to see you at more of our shows!

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The Mifflintown Legion was jumping in early March.  We always enjoy playing at the Legion.  We're going back in April!  Come and see us!

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We played at the Millersburg Moose for the first time in March.  Was good to make some new friends there.

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We celebrated St. Patrick's Day (above and below) a little early at the Shade Mountain Restaurant near Middleburg.  Seems green was the color to be wearing on Friday night!!

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Back in Reedsville in March.  Our friend Jim, 83 years young, sang the old favorite "Suppertime" with the band.  Special thanks to Del Carter for sitting in on drums.

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We were back in Huntingdon at the VFW in March.  It's been awhile since we've seen our friends there.  Hope to see you again in July!

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The Milton Moose was the place to be in early April.  A lot of old friends were in the crowd.  It was  great to have Rick Buck sit in on drums for a set.

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Photos above and below at the Dutch Country Restaurant in Reedsville on a beautiful Friday night in April.  We really enjoy performing with all the great talent in the area.  Special thanks to Alan Golden for sitting in on drums.  Below, Kingy got to sing harmony while Lofty Hackenburg does Green, Green Grass of Home.

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At the Mifflintown Legion in April.  Special thanks to Gary Swartz for keeping things lively for the band!

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Photos above and below at the Sonestown American Legion.   This was our first trip to Sullivan County  through valleys where we were on the brake pedal more than the gas pedal to avoid hitting the many deer along the highway. We had a great time playing at the Legion and met many new friends.  We'll be back there in June - hope you can make it to Steak Night with us.

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It was a first for the band to play the Marysville Moose.   We saw a lot of familiar faces there and a lot on the dance floor.  Thanks to Lofty and Alan for helping us out.  Hope to see you all there next month!

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We are back in Reedsville in May.  Saw a good many friends there - old and new.  Our MySpace friends, Dave and Lois, made the trip from Carlisle.  Hope to see you again soon!

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We made a trip to the Lancaster County Sportsman's Club in May.  What a nice place!!  Nice to see so many on the dance floor throughout the evening.

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At the Freeburg Carnival - our first of the season. The weather cooperated with us this year - last year we were in heavy jackets!  Special thanks to Gary Swartz for handling the sound for us.  And for singing with us, too.

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Here we are at the Barnyard!  The Barnyard is a restaurant near Mifflinburg - formerly the Rock Oak Restaurant.  We had a great time there and it was so nice to see all of those familiar faces and new ones too.  And the food was great!!

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We were back at the Marysville Moose in June.  We're always happy to see our friends there on the dance floor.

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We were back at the Dutch Country Restaurant in Reedsville in June.  We did a practice run at our show for Wheeling later this month.

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It was our first time to perform at Friendship Park near West Milton.  We had a BLAST!!  Jim and John Traxler (below) met fellow steel player, Audie Shields, who plays for Nashville recording artist, Diane Berry.  Diane and Shonuf followed us in the show.

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We were at Reedsville to rehearse for the Wheeling Jamboree.

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We were back at the Sonestown Legion for the Steak Bake in June.

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Photo above and photos below from Jim's dentist, Dr. Wilson's customer appreciation day at Raystown Lake in June.  It was warm that afternoon and then we had a thunderstorm which prompted Dori to hold the umbrella over Alan to avoid getting wet.  Didn't work - we, and most of our equipment, got pretty wet!

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