January through June

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We opened the year at the 2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show before the PRCA Rodeo before a rowdy crowd! 

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Here is Jim at our booth at the PA State Association of County Fairs trade show.  We met lots and lots of new friends.

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We were honored to have Curry Coster, from the band Bob Plunkert and Real Country, do a few sets with us on the steel guitar at the Lancaster County Sportsman's Association in January(photos above and below).  We'll be back there in May, July, September and December.

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Photos above and below from the Mifflintown American Legion on a frigid Friday night in January.  We played to a packed house!!  It's a rare evening when Gary doesn't show up at the Legion to add a little spice to the party.

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Wow, we were invited to play at the MIXX Nightclub and Lounge in Allentown in early February.  Had a great time and looking forward to going back again.

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Photos above and below from the Valentine's Day dance at the Barnyard in Mifflinburg.  We really had a great time and met a lot of new folks.  Hope to see you again soon.

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We had a GREAT time at the Nook in Halifax (photos above and below).  It's nice to know the younger folks there enjoyed our music.  And Jim's steel guitar!!  Keep those classic requests coming....

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Photos above and below from the Enola American Legion on a snowy February Saturday night.  It was our first time in Enola and we met many new friends there.  Our new friend Shane, who is a huge Johnny Cash fan, posed with the band.

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Photos (above and two below) are from our gig at the Marysville VFW.  It was our first visit to the VFW.  Alan brought some of his neighbors and friends to see us.  We met some young folks who really appreciate our music.  It's nice to know that our music spans the generations.  Hope to see Josh and his friends again soon.

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We were at the Barnyard for a St. Patty's Day dance in mid-March.  Aren't the decorations nice?? thanks Sharon.....

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Here we are at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle.  Wow, did we have a great time!!  We saw some of our old friends and met some new folks too.   Come back and see us again soon!

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Young and older alike were on the dance floor at the Sonestown Legion in early April for the ever popular song, 'The Twist' (above).  Photo below features our good friend Mike Parrish doing a few songs with the band.

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A great time at the Halifax VFW in early April!  We'll be back there in October.

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Photo above and two below are from Jim's Tavern in Greencastle on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in April.  Check out the sign above!!!  And below, we were trying to figure out which Harley we could ride away on!  Ron Stuart did a great job on bass for us.  Thanks Ron!  A great crowd turned out for our show.   See you again next week!

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Had a great time at the Milton Moose.  We were happy to see many friends there. Special thanks to Joseph for bringing his keyboard and helping us out.

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We'll be at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle through the end of June every Sunday afternoon (above and below).  Come out and see us.

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We were in new territory at the Shippensburg Legion in late April.  Eric Everett did a few sets with us on bass.  Thanks Eric.

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Shelby and Jim participated in the Steel Guitar jam at Jefferson in late April.  Great steel players converged at the fire house to play those berautiful steel songs.

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We were back at the Mifflintown Legion in late April.   We'll be back in two weeks....

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We were back at Jim's Tavern the end of April to help Kate and Polly (above) celebrate their birthdays.  Someone mentioned they are twins born three years apart.....we are still trying to figure that out. Photo below shows Alan/Harvey celebrating with the birthday girls.

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Here we are in Millersburg at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival on a HOT early May afternoon.  Unfortunately, the cherry blossoms bloomed early, but we had a great crowd on hand for the activities.

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At the Mifflintown Legion in early May with our good friend Gary Swartz on a few numbers.

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And on to the Petersburg Senior Center again in early May for a great meal and a GREAT time.  It was so nice to see the fine folks there that traveled to the Wheeling Jamboree with us.

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Here is our good friend, DJ Eric Piper at Jim's Tavern in early May, who did a few numbers with us.

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We see so many nice people at Jim's Tavern.  Our good friend Julia Hockenberry and her brother stopped by to see us.  We're so happy she agreed to do a song with us.

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Here is Eric and Mindi doing the two step at Jim's Tavern in late May.  If you are in Greencastle on a Sunday afternoon, stop by the hoppingest place in town!

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Check out the dance floor at the Lancaster County Sportsman's Club in late May.

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Check out these two long haired country boys!  This just before our gig at the Sonestown Legion over Memorial Day weekend. (photos above and below)

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We played a private party over Memorial Day also near Baltimore, MD.  This was by far the cleanest barn we have ever played in! And our first square dance of the season. A great day!!

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We were partying at the Mifflintown Legion in early June. Gary's onstage with the band and Donna is catching a good pic!!

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At the Nittany Antique Machinery Show in early June.  We had a great time playing those great dance tunes and square dance songs.  We'll be back in September.

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What a twisted group on the dance floor at Jim's in early June. Hope to see ya'll next week!

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WOW!!!  What a thrill to perform at Knoebel's Grove (above and below) near Elysburg in June!  We had a great time there and really enjoyed ourselves in the park.

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Check out the great crowd at the West Pennsboro Fireman's Carnival at Plainfield (above and below) on June 18.  It was great to meet so many new folks as well as seeing our musician friends Lenny, Bucky, and Buck.  Hope we see ya'll again soon!

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We were back at Jim's Tavern on Father's Day.  Our good friend DJ Eric Piper loves to sing with us.  Next week is open mic night at Jim's with us.  Come on out and sing a tune with the band!


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We had a busy week starting out at the New Berlin Fireman's Carnival in Snyder County on a Wednesday jam night in late June.  Our crowd wasn't a big one but was an appreciative one.  Thanks for coming out to see us.

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And on to the Roxbury Lion's Carnival on Friday night.     Wow, did we have a great time there and met so many new fans.  And we won a LOT of prizes at the different games there.  They've invited us back next summer!

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We were at the benefit for the McVeytown Fire Company on Saturday night.  This was our way of thanking those fine folks for responding so quickly to Jim's accident in February.  We are working on a date to return this fall.

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And we rounded out the week at Jim's Tavern on Sunday afternoon with our good friend Eric Piper and others who sang with the band on open mic night.


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