July through December

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It was great to get back to the Sullivan County Roadhouse on the 3rd of July (above and below).  Everybody was ready to party!   And we were too!

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We celebrated with our good friends in Chambersburg on the Fourth of July (above and below).  You should have seen the fireworks!!  We watched the fireworks by the town of Chambersburg and then were treated to a private fireworks show by our hosts.  We had a GREAT time! We were dancing in the streets!!!

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ItItIt was a great night for dancing in the barn at the Friendship Campground in Bedford (2 above and 1 below).  Despite the rain showers, we had a great group out to spend the evening with us.  And we had a great time!!!

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It Here we are doing Mustang Sally at Jim's Taverns' private party near Fannettsburg in mid-July.  We were set up near the horse-shoe pitching contest and our Jim became the post of a ringer!  Other than a sore knee, he took the hit pretty well!

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Here we are at the great Mason-Dixon Fair near Delta on a hot July evening. We met so many nice people there!  It was so nice to look out into the crowd and see the folks singing along and tapping their toes and clapping along to the music.  Special thanks to Buddy Griffin for sitting in on the steel guitar.  We hope to go back and see those folks again.

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We were back at the Lancaster County Sportsman's Club in late July.  Our good friend Curry Coster joined in on the steel guitar.  And Jim celebrated another birthday (below)!

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Here we are back at the Mifflintown Legion with Charlie Hilderbrand on bass.  Always a pleasure working with you Charlie.

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At the Killinger-Rife Sunday School picnic with John and Jennifer Traxler helping us out.

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Here is Shelby at the Martin Guitar factory in Nazareth for its owners club festivities.

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At the Union County West End Fair before a great crowd in early August.  Special thanks to Charlie Hilderbrand and Curt Nealman for rounding out the band.

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We had a standing room only crowd at Jim's Tavern in early August (above).  We had birthdays and anniversaries to celebrate.  It is always a good time when we are at Jim's.  Photo below shows Peggy serving some of the great cakes.

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Here we are at the great Montour- DeLong Fair near Washingtonville on August 13.  What a nice night for the fair!!  Special thanks to 'fast fingers' Rick Buck for playing lead guitar for us.  We saw some friends there that we haven't seen in months.  Hope to see you again soon!

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Here are our good friends June, and Debi, Peggy, Cindy, Rita and Eric from Chambersburg and Waynesboro (above).  We were SO happy to see you in Blain! We felt honored to play at the Blain Picnic (below), and had a great time!

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We packed up and left Blain at 4:20 on August 14 to go to the Hickory Corners Carnival later that evening. And some of the folks at Blain followed us!!  What a day!!  There were many folks there who knew Shelby when she was young...lots of stories were shared.

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Jim and Shelby (above) traveled to the Unter Uns Club in Altoona on August 21 to a benefit for a resident who had recently been injured in a motorcycle accident.  We were fortunate to have been part of a great band.  Pictured below are Jason and Lance on lead guitars and Dave on drums and Danny on bass.  It was a pleasure to play with those fine young players and to support a great cause.

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Then to Jim's Tavern in Greencastle on Sunday afternoon in mid-August.  There were many musicians in the house!  Above is Joe playing lead on the Les Paul guitar.  Below is our friend Eric doing one of his fine songs and Randy on keys.  Also with us were musician/vocalist Harold Overcash and steel guitarist Joe Sapp.

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What a GREAT crowd we had at the gazebo in Lykens Park on August 25.  The weather was great, the crowd was great - it was just a great evening!

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Wow, what a great cause...  We played at the Mountainside Pet Rescue for George Statler and a lot of fine folks.   And all of the puppies and 4-legged critters that he has on his property.  It was a privilege for us to be part of the benefit for the animals.  Special thanks to Harold Overcash for picking up the bass.

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We played at the Green-Dreher-Sterling Fain near Newfoundland (Pennsylvania, that is) on a hot, early September afternoon.   We met so many new folks there in a real enthusiastic crowd. 

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It was a chilly day in Forksville at the Sullivan County Fair on September 4th.  The folks in that area really appreciate good country music.  And we were happy to give it to them. 

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It was a packed house at the Sullivan County Roadhouse on September 4th.  Everybody was ready to PARTY!!!  Some folks from the Fair came to see us that evening too.

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AWe rounded out the Labor Day weekend at Terry and Diane's pig roast.  This gentleman sang a lot like Conway....  Special thanks to Danny Brumbaugh for playing his 'new' Silvertone bass with us.  We really enjoyed having you along.

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At the Nittany Antique Machinery Show on September 10.  We just love when the dance floor is full!  We even had some square dancing too!  (above and below)

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We hit the road on September 11 to see our friends at the Lancaster County Sportsman's Association.  It's always a good time partying with the folks at the Sports Farm.

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Rounding out the weekend was a stop at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle.  Next on our shopping list is a football jersey so we can wear them at Jim's.  There were many, many teams represented on Sunday (above and below).

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Dance, Dance, Dance!! is what they did at the picnic for Elmcroft of Lewisburg. We square danced, line danced, polkaed, twisted and just had a great time!!

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We had such a good time at the Sonestown Legion in late September.  Special thanks to our good friend Danny Brumbaugh for playing the bass.  And special thanks to Ethan for taking the pics and the videos.   And check out these three below.....wonder who's driving the getaway car??   Was nice to see Mike and Kathy there!

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What a beautiful early October day at the National Apple Harvest Festival near Arendtsville, Adams County, PA! (above and below)   We had so much fun there and met so many new friends (and Facebook friends too).   And our good friend Eric Piper stopped by so we asked him to do the best country song ever with us. 

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We were back at the Barnyard in early October.  We were happy to have Sandy Sherlock (above) and Larry Snook (below) sing with the band.  And special thanks to Colm and John for sitting in on the steel guitar.

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Jim and Shelby performed their duo act at the Urban Folk Days near Urban, PA on a cool mid-October morning.  We really enjoyed the scrapple and chicken corn soup!

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Wow, we had a great time at the Drinkin' Bone near Wormleysburg in mid-October.  We had such a great time with the folks there that we forgot to take any pics until we were tearing down!!!  We'll be back there for their Halloween party at the end of the month.

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We were twisting the afternoon away at Jim's Tavern in mid-October.

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It was a windy and cold morning at Community Day in Elizabethville in mid-October.  Jim and Shelby perform their duo act to an enthusiastic group just prior to the pie eating contest!!

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It was great to play again at the Halifax VFW in mid-October for the clubs' picnic.  We had a great time and hope to see you again soon.

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It's been many months since we played at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville.  The restaurant had been closed but now has reopened under new management.  And there's a new menu also!  We performed some of our songs and then opened it up to the many singers in the crowd.  We were overjoyed to see our friends there that we hadn't seen for awhile.  The sign above put a smile on our faces.  And in the photo below, Ron sings 'the song that made him famous' to his many fans.

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We returned to Jim's Tavern in late October, and look who else showed up?!?!?  We had a few extra players and singers with us - Joe Offet on lead guitar and Joe Sapp on steel guitar rounded out the band.   Eric Piper from ELP Entertainment sang a few songs with us and Harold Overcash also did a few numbers with us.  Hope to see y'all next month.

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Here we are at the Drinkin' Bone in Wormleysburg on Halloween Eve.  Seems all the ghosts and goblins were out looking for treats!  We had a great time with some of our dancing fans that traveled a good way to be with us.

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Wow, what a great time we had in Halifax in early November (above and below).  We did a benefit for Messiah Lutheran Church along with Elvis! (Great working with you Brad!) We were his opening act! 

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The ladies and Smokey were dancing to the Twist at Jim's Tavern (above).  Ron was playing the bass and dancing the Twist too!! (below) Always a great time at Jim's.

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The joint was jumpin' at the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville in mid-November. (above and below)  We're back there again in early December.

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It was good to be back in Huntingdon in mid-November.  The VFW crowd was a great one!

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Wow, we played at the Hill Valley Inn in Mount Union.  This is where it all began for Jim many years ago. But you'll have to ask him how many!!  We had a great time at the Hunters Dance.

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There is never a shortage of dancing ladies at Jim's Tavern!!  If there aren't any eligible men, the ladies dance with the chairs!!!!  You gotta see it to believe it!!

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We started our series of three Christmas parties at the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville with a packed house of friends. (above and below)  We appreciate all of you more than we can possibly say.  Happy Holidays to all.

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And on to Jim's Tavern in Greencastle.   Everyone was ready to party - especially us!!  We watched as our Steelers lost to the Jets.  But that didn't change the party mood at Jim's.  We played games, danced, sang and enjoyed the afternoon. (photo above and photos below).  Happy Holidays to our friends at Jim's.

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It was a great New Years Eve party at the Potters Mills VFW.  We had a great time!!  (above and below)

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