2011 Photos

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!! from Jim's Tavern in Greencastle!! We started out the year partying at our favorite Sunday afternoon gig. (above and below)

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At the 95th Pennsylvania Farm Show before the rodeo on Friday night in early January.  Wow, what a great time!!

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Back at Jim's Tavern to watch the Steelers beat the Jets!!   And to celebrate LOTS of birthdays!  We had a great time as always.

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Jim with Don Johnson of the Don Johnson Project at the PA Association of County Fairs Convention in Hershey, January 2011.

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At the Hillside Tavern near Fannettsburg in early February.   The drum riser thawed while we were performing!

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Back at Jim's Tavern for a Valentine's Day shindig.  What a great time!!!

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Here is Shelby dancing in the aisles at Jim's Tavern with Aunt Norma and Momma Jean!  Can you believe these two ladies are in their 80s? (above)  And pictured below is our great friend Eric Piper.  Check out his fancy clothes!!!

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Above is our own Jim Wilson dancing with Momma Jean in early March.  She asked him last week to dance with her and told us that he is the only man she ever asked to dance!!  Happy Birthday Jean!! And below is some of the FANTASTIC crowd at Jim's.  We love you guys!!

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We've been trying to figure out what is on the floor at the Dutch Country Inn in mid-March.  Whatever it was, everyone had a great time dancing around it (above)!!  Below is our friend Charlie from Greencastle doing Lovesick Blues with the band.

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At the Huntingdon Legion in mid-March.  Everybody had their dancing shoes on that night.  Special thanks to Charlie Hilderbrand for helping us out!

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Back at Jim's Tavern in mid-March.  Photo above has our friend Rich Mitchell sing with the band.  And in the photo below, our Ron Stewart is dancing with this rowdy crowd!!

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We headed north to Lock Haven to the Legion in early April.   It was our first time there and hope not the last.  We had a super time, met new friends, and saw some old friends that we had not seen in quite a while.

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Well didn't we arrive in style to our first year anniversary party at Jim's Tavern?!  Gary drove us there in his band bus.  Made for a lot of conversation in the parking lot (above)!!  Photos below show the party at Jim's.   And it was Ron's birthday!  We are so thankful to have the fans and friends that we do.  We love you all....

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Even Willie showed up......

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Check out this wild crowd at the Fort Louden Legion (above and below)!!  We were so happy to see our friends from Greencastle there.  It's a great party with them around!  Photo below shows couples 'shining their belt buckles' as Aunt Norma says.  We call it 'belly-rubbing'!!!!!

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It was great to have Greg Moore (above), formerly with Travis Tritt's band and now with Remington Ryde, play the fiddle with us during the open mic segment at the Dutch Country Inn in mid-April.  You should have heard he and Jim do Orange Blossom Special!  A great job by both of these talented men. Photo below shows little Jess who wanted to sing He Stopped Loving Her Today with Shelby, making her singing debut at Dutch Country.

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Here we are again with the gang at Jim's Tavern (photo above and two below).  We had a great time dancing and partying.  If you haven't ever been to Jim's, you don't know what you are missing. Come on out and enjoy the fun.

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Jim and the band were honored to play among the greats of the steel guitar in late April when we were invited to the Steel Guitar Benefit Jam organized by steel guitar great Gordie Sauble near Codorus on April 30.   It was a great experience for us to listen to the great music and be part of the day's activities.

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We were back at Jim's Tavern on the first day of May.  Always a great time there with great friends (above).  In photo below, Kevin poses with one of our favorite fans, Momma Jean.

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A great time in mid-May at the Dutch Country Inn before a standing room only crowd.  Always good to see Greg Moore and have him join us on his fiddle.

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You never know what's going to occur at Jim's Tavern.   (Above) Debbie makes her singing debut with Shelby on the Gretchen Wilson hit, 'Redneck Woman'.  And below, even the boss gets into the fun!

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We are happy to introduce our new drummer, Jim to the stage at the Huntingdon Legion (above and below).

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It was a happy day at Jim's Tavern where Jim and Jackie celebrated their birthdays on May 22.  In photo above, Jim celebrates the big 60 with a beautiful cake from his brother.  In photo below, Jim and Jackie are serenaded by the band.  The song 'I Don't Need Your Rocking Chair' seemed appropriate for Jim :) and Ron sang 'Hello Darlin' to Jackie.  The dance floor was rockin' as we closed with 'Mustang Sally'.

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Despite setting up in the rain and playing on a wet stage, we enjoyed the lively visitors at the Dogwood Acres Campground near Newville in late May.   It was great seeing the various generations dancing to our music (above).

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WOW - Knoebels Grove on May 30th!!  What a great time we had there!! Some of our fans traveled a long distance to spend the day with us (below).   And our dear friend Eric Piper was our sound man.  It was an AWESOME day!!

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HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.....(above).We think this was for us when we traveled to the Democratic Club in Snow Shoe in early June - you fill in the blanks!!   Ha!!  The young man in the photo below said it was his dream to do a song with us - we like to make dreams come true.

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June at the Dutch Country Inn was a great time.  We saw some old friends that we haven't seen before at the restaurant.   In the photo below, our little friend Jess sings one of her favorites with the band. And below that, Johnny Gibson sings one of his hits with the band.  Johnny was the lead singer with Ron's late father's band, the Jacks Mountain Boys.

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Despite threatening skies, we had a super good time at the McClure Strawberry Festival in mid-June.  We are always thankful for our loyal fans' support.

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We were surprised to learn that our good friend dancing Jim Hawbaker could sing too!!  We had him up to do a few with the band at Jim's Tavern in mid-June.

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We traveled to Monroe Township in Cumberland County in mid-June to be part of their Community Day.  We met so many nice people at this  great event. (above and below)  And the fireworks grand finale was awesome!

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And on to the Landisburg Carnival in late June.  We had so much fun there.  And look at all these great people!! (above and below)

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We were on truck bed stage at the Roxbury Lions Fair on a beautiful late June evening.  So many of our friends came to see us.  We can't thank you enough.

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And on to our favorite party place, JIM'S TAVERN!!!  In the photo above, sisters Jean and Norma light up the dance floor.  And just below, who is this guy???  :)  Ron dons this get up for Jim's signature song, 'Chicken Truck'.  And below, Ron and Jim get into a song.

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