July 2011


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The Band!!

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At the Sonestown Legion on July 2.  Our good friend Donnie Raymond sat in on bass.

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Everybody was getting down at Randy's party on July 3(above).   He put on an awesome fireworks display(below).  And we had so much good food with so many good friends(below)!  We love you guys.

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Partying with our friends from Jim's Tavern at owner Jim Laye's cabin.  We had a BLAST!! (above and below)

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At Kish Park on a warm July evening.   Our good friends Colm and Dave were in the awesome crowd, and onstage also! (above and below)

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Was a great night at the Dutch Country Inn in late July.  Jim's cousins Geraldine and Jane 'fixed' him up on his birthday (above)!  What do you think?? And in the photo below, our very dear friends from Greencastle traveled a good distance to celebrate Jim's birthday with us.  Thanks....

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Twas a rainy night in Quincy/Waynesboro in late July.  Some of the folks toughed out the storms underneath the trees and some of them partied with us onstage!  We had a great time at the Waynesboro Fireman's Carnival.  Special thanks to Randy Monn for thinking of us.

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At the Hickory Corners Carnival on an overcast Saturday night in early August.  What a nice crowd!!

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We headed to Potter County on August 14 to the Kettle Creek Music Festival.  We traveled through what seemed like a monsoon between Lock Haven and Cross Fork on our way to the Music Fest.  We thought we might be rained out, but arrived to a small but enthusiastic crowd.  We had a blast!!

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Wow, check out these pics! (above and below)  The band thought having a luau at the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville would be nice way to celebrate the summer. The costumes our wonderful friends and fans came up with were true island attire.  What a great time we had!

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We traveled to Dover, PA in mid-August to party with our new friend Brie for her dad's birthday.  We met so many new friends there and had a great time with a great group of people.  Happy Birthday Terry!

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And we celebrated with our dear friend Cindy the next day at Jim's Tavern.  Have you noticed that we like to party!!!!   (pics above and below) Even Ron got into the chicken hat to dance a little bit with the birthday girl.  Happy Birthday Cindy! Hope we can celebrate with you next year!!

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It was a first for us to play at the new Armstrong Valley Winery near Halifax in early September.  The deck was wonderful as were the many good people that came out to party with us.  Check out the photo above and two below.   We will be back in late October.

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We played at our very dear friend Peggy's picnic over Labor Day weekend.  In the photo above, guests are pictured playing one of the many games offered that day.  And below, Jim is out behind the shed playing the lead on Redneck Woman while the rest of us tried to figure out where he was.  These wireless packs for our guitars are pretty cool!

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What a great crowd we had at the Nittany Antique Machinery Show near Centre Hall in early September (above and below).   Despite the rain, mud and thunderstorms, we had a great time, spent some time with our good friends from Renovo, and can't wait to get back there next year.

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It was our first time at the Mount Holly Springs Legion in early September.  We met so many nice people there and partied 'til midnight!

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Well Ron finally got his 'Tiger By The Tail' at Jim's Tavern in early September (above).  Check out his hat decoration!!   The crowd at Jim's was ready to party (below).  And so were we!!

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What a pleasure it was to play on the historic stage of the McClure Bean Soup in early September.  So many legends in country music have played on this stage.  We are honored to be among them.

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Jim and Shelby performed their duo act at the Fall Festival in Elizabethville in mid-September.  There were so many activities and vendors.  We had a great time!

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We traveled to Lewisburg in mid-September to provide music and memories for the residents at Elmcroft.  Our good friend Colm Chomicky(above) from Prairie Village, Kansas spent some time at the pedal steel guitar as his mother looked on and saw and heard him play for the first time.  It was a special evening. (below)

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Would you get a look at the GREAT crowd we had at the GREAT Gratz Fair in mid-September (two above and one below)?!?  We want to take them with us in all of our travels!  If you take a close look at the photo above, you will see a couple sitting on the edge of the stage.  That was honestly the only place left to sit with the exception of the floor.  It was a standing/leaning room only crowd.  We were thrilled!!

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What a beautiful afternoon it turned out to be in Biglerville in late September.  Our Joyce was prepared with the umbrella in case of rain or sun!!   It was our first time at the Biglerville Legion and we had a blast!

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There's always somebody on the dance floor at Jim's Tavern!  We were twisting the afternoon away in late September.

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What a spectacular day it was in Greencastle in early October when the great folks at Jim's Tavern sponsored the UPS Bike Run for Autism and we got to play under the BIG tent!  And to top it off, Jim's nephew Jesse and Janet made the trip to see us from Pittsburgh!  It was truly a great day! Jesse is pictured above on Shelby's acoustic guitar.  Ron's son also made the trip to see us.  We were surrounded by great friends and our precious families.   Photo below shows our great friends Eric Piper and Joe Offutt doing some songs with the band.

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Photo above was taken at the Dutch Country Inn in mid-October.  Our good friend Rich Mitchell and Jim's cousin Ron Carson go over the classic 'Silver Haired Daddy of Mine' before the open mic portion of our show.

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You never know what is going to happen at Jim's Tavern.  Here Aunt Donna swings her Steelers jacket in front of Eagles fan Eric following the Steelers win.  Just a little friendly rivalry...

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Oh how we love playing at the Armstrong Valley Winery!  The atmosphere in the barn is awesome.  We meet so many nice people here.  Come and see for yourself!

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Photo above shows Redneck Women Betty, Shelby and Debbie at Reedsville in early November.  What a trio!!! And below the train is moving on at Reedsville during Folsom Prison Blues.

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What a day it was in early November as we opened for our good friend Brad Elvis Crum in Halifax.  We had such a great time and met so many nice people. (photos above and two below)

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We have so much fun with our good friends at the Dutch Country Inn in Reedsville.  They just dance up a storm!!

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Our dear friend Deb celebrated a birthday in early November at Jim's Tavern.  Check out that hat!! (above).  And below, Deb, Cindy and Shelby debut their trio song, Hell on Heels.

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We traveled a good ways to play at the Red Run Rod and Gun Club north of Williamsport in early December.  What a beautiful club.  We met so many great people there.

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Jim and Shelby perform their duo act at the Bell Choir concert at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Fisherville.  We just love to play those Christmas songs.

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Our good friend Jim Treaster celebrated a birthday at the Dutch Country Inn in early December. Happy Birthday Jim!  We had a great time celebrating the Christmas season also.

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We had so much to celebrate at the Armstrong Valley Winery near Halifax in mid-December.  A couple of birthday boys and a lot of partying was happening that night.  The winery is a favorite of the band.

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We celebrated with our dear friends at Jim's Tavern  in mid-December.  We had great food, great friends and a great time.  Happy Holidays! (above and below)

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It was a memorable evening at the Yeagertown Senior Center near Christmas time.  We had a wonderful potluck dinner and sang songs of the season and some of our favorite tunes.

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Photo above and those below are from our New Years Eve party at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville.  We had a rockin' good time welcoming 2012.   We want to wish our friends and fans a very Happy and Prosperous New Year, and also thank you for your friendship and support.  See you next year!!!

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