July through December

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Special thanks to Dalton and Mike Parrish for sharing the stage with us at the Huntingdon American Legion in mid-July.

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It was great to celebrate Jim's and our friend Colm's birthday in mid-July.  Colm traveled from Missouri  to visit family and we are happy that he chose to visit and sit with us (above).  Photo below shows Chris Woodward talking with Jim and Colm at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville.

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Danny catching up on some reading while we take a break at Dutch Country Inn.

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We never know what is going to happen at Jim's Tavern.  Check out Gardner Cook singing on the floor.  Maybe it was "Walking the Floor over You" or "Green Green Grass of Home"...   It sure got everyone's attention.

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What a thrill to play at the Shade Gap Picnic!!  We had a great time and are so thankful for our wonderful fans.  In the photo below, two of those fans Peggy and Austin before the show.

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This great crowd at the Huntingdon County Fair had to wait a long time to see us.  Thank goodness they waited!! (above)   In the 4 photos below, we had a great time at the Huntingdon County Fair.

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What a beautiful day at the Kettle Creek MusicFest in Potter County!!  We had a great time and saw lots of our fans and friends that we don't see often. (above and below)  We just love when we have a dancing crowd.

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We just love the Path Valley Picnic near Dry Run!  We haven't been there for a few years and were so happy to have the opportunity to return. (above)  The dance floor at Path Valley is amazing! (below).

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We traveled to Williamsburg in late August for the Community Farm Show.  Was a beautiful night until it was time to pack up then we had an awful thunderstorm. The sign below was next to the stage...

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The Perry County Fair near Newport was a new fair for us.  The folks there treated us so well and the food was great!!  The folks representing Members First Credit Union were busy at their table (below).   Members First sponsored the entertainment on Saturday.

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Is this a new dance step?  Norma and Jean dancing with the same man??  As we've said, you never know what to expect at Jim's.

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Another afternoon at Jim's on the dancefloor.

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We did something we've never done before at the Williams Grove Antique Machinery Show in early September - we rode in on tractors!!   Shelby above on the John Deere, Jim below on a John Deere and further below is Ron and Danny on an International.  And further down is the band on stage.

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Here is Jim and Ron before our show at the Nittany Antique Machinery Show. (above)  In the two photos below, we played for square dances on Friday and Saturday nights in early September.  It's been awhile since we've played a square dance.  But what a great time we had!!! 

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Jim and Shelby met the fine folks from the Albion Fair three years ago at the state fair association convention and talked of one day having the opportunity to play at their fair.  And we finally did it!!  (above and below)  The fair convention gives bands like ours the opportunity to play all over the state.  It is a real honor to do this.  Also a real honor to play with professionals like Charlie and Jon at Albion.

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We had a great time with the small but responsive crowd at the Millerstown Moose in mid-September.  It gets harder and harder for bands to play in clubs these days.  We are grateful to the officers of the Moose for giving us that opportunity.

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Check out this GREAT crowd at the Dutch Country Inn in late September.  It was standing room only!!  There were folks there from Tennessee and all over the area.  We can't wait for the next time we get back to Reedsville.

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This is the owner of Jim's Tavern and Momma Jean during a visit there.  Jean looks forward to our being at Jim's Tavern.  We are her therapy.   It is so nice to have her at our shows.  She dances the night away....

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And here is Aunt Norma....Ron sang Tiger By The Tail and there was Aunt Norma!! (above) Only at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle!!! Come out and see us sometime!!! (below)

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Here is our friend Nancy enjoying herself at Jim's Tavern after some health problems kept her away.  Was nice to see her back.

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Another great night at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville in early October.

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We were so happy to be part of the festivities at Old Home Foliage Days in Port Royal in mid-October. (above and below0   It was our good friend Mayor Barb Berstresser's last year as chair of the event.

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What a privilege to be asked to return to the Wheeling Jamboree!  We received an invitation from the Director of the Jamboree for Jim and Shelby to come back to the Jamboree as a duo act with plans for the whole band to return there at a later date. (above and below)  The Jamboree is now being broadcast from the Wheeling Island Casino.

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Back at Reedsville in early November before a packed house.  We got to do some of our Christmas songs! (above and below)  We are so happy that people of all ages enjoy our music.

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What a great night at the Armstrong Valley Winery in mid-December.  We had many things to celebrate that evening!!

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The Wheeling Jamboree will celebrate its 80th year of providing traditional country music in 2013.  We are proud to be part of the Jamboree family. (above and below)

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Happy New Year to our fans and friends!!!

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