Photos January through June

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We started the year our at our favorite Sunday afternoon bar, Jim's Tavern!  We were rooting for our Steelers, but they were not winners.  Oh well....  What a great time we had with our great friends in southern Franklin County!

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At the Dutch Country Inn in early January.   Our good friend Butch McAlevy showed up and showed us some good licks on Jim's Telecaster.  Butch and Jim used to play together in the Country Inspirations band.   Jesse Barger is singing with us during the open mic portion of our show.

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Ron, Jim and Shelby attended the PA State Association of County Fairs Convention in Hershey in mid-January.  We met so many nice people from across the state.  And got to make music with some of them!  What a great time we had.

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Check out this great crowd (above and below) at Jim's Tavern!  Photo below shows the folks with January birthday's.  We just LOVE to party at Jim's!!

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We started February out at the Huntingdon Legion before a lively crowd!  It was great as the crowd yelled out their requests and we met the challenge and did all of them!! Was a great night (above and below)!!  Special thanks to Jason for taking all of the pics!

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Check out the Armstrong Valley Winery on a snowing and blowing Saturday night in February! (above and below)  We just love to play there - the acoustics are awesome!! And so are the folks that come out to have a glass of wine!!

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How did the chickens get loose at our shows!   Must be playing that Chicken Truck song!! Now Jim is sporting a 'foul' hat also!! (above and below)

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We celebrated a significant birthday with Ron's brother-in-law Curt in early February.  Happy Birthday Curt!!!

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It was our first time at the Dillsburg American Legion in late February.  Wow, what a great time we had.  And we met so many nice people (two photos below).

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We took the highway north to the Lock Haven American Legion in early March.  We saw many of the friends that we met there last year who just love that good old country music.  It was so nice to play for people who appreciate the music that we play.

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We were back to Jim's Tavern in early March.   Our friends Eric and Cindy dance to one of those slow country ballads.

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Wow, there was a lot of polishing the belt buckles at the Dutch Country Inn on a mid-March Saturday night!! (above)  And in the photos below, we are on the Dutch Country Express let by Jean and our Ron was the caboose!! What a great time we had!!

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We traveled to the Lewisburg Legion on a Friday night in March.  What a beautiful place!  In the photo below, Shelby just couldn't help herself and went out to line dance with the ladies on the Boot Scootin' Boogie.

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Back to Jim's Tavern in late March.  We celebrated Momma Jean's 86th birthday. She is just amazing...  In the photos below, the Jim's Tavern Express was running with our friend Cindy in the lead.  Lots of fun with great friends.....

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Can you believe that train is still going??  It has moved to the Dutch Country Inn in late March!!  What a great time we had!  Everyone was dancing the night away (below). And in the photo below this one, Ernie and his fiancee Sheila pose for a photo.  Sheila drove all the way from North Carolina to surprise Ernie.  And what a great surprise!!!!!

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In the two photos above and the one below, we are partying at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle.  We all just love to dance!! In the photo below, Jim and Ron create their very own line dance step.  Too bad they are the only two who could do it!!  Always a good time at Jim's Tavern.

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We had such a good time at the Huntingdon American Legion in early April.  Never a dull moment here!!!

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Check out this group at the Armstrong Valley Winery in mid-March.  We just LOVE to play at the winery!  Everyone was having a great time.  So were we!

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We traveled to Elizabethtown in late April to play for the residents at the Masonic Village.  What a beautiful setting.  We just loved meeting the folks there and playing our music for them (photo above and two photos below).  And that train is still going!!

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Check out this trio at the Steel Guitar Jam at Stoverstown in late April.  There is a whole lot of great playing in this three (above).  From left, Curry Coster, Shawn Renoll and Jim Wilson. And below, Jim is playing one of our songs during our portion of the show.

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Here we are on the outside stage at the Armstrong Valley Winery.  We hope everyone gets the opportunity to visit the winery.   It is such a beautiful setting.  And the wine ain't bad either!! (above and below)

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Here we are with our good friend Mike Jones at Jim's Tavern in early May (above).  Mike played drums for us and brought friend Mark along to Jim's (below).  What a great time!!

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We were jamming at Dutch Country in May.   Here are our good friends George Putt and Blaine Shover on fiddles.  It was a great night of music!

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At the Nittany Antique Machinery Show in early June on a stormy Friday night.  Our new little friend Aislinn was a Johnny Cash fan and joined us on Ring of Fire.  We had so much fun!

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We played a benefit at the Stone Valley Lions Barn on the Hootemanny grounds in early June.  We met so many new people and saw folks there that we haven't seen in years....

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Off to the Huntingdon Legion later that day.   We had a busy day but a great day!  There are so many people at the Legion that like our music.  We can't wait to get back there.....

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Well the ladies were dancing in early June at Jim's Tavern.  Check out Darlene above and Peggy below.  And we don't know the gentleman's name, but he sure could dance!!

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We just love the new stage at the Armstrong Valley Winery!  You can't see Todd but he is playing drums in the back.  We had a GREAT time.  We celebrated Cherry and Chris's anniversary and wished Dave and Sarah much happiness as they were married two weeks ago.  We danced the night away - photos above and below.

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We so enjoyed playing the McClure Strawberry Festival in early June.  One of the best things about playing so many different venues is the wonderful people we meet along the way.  We met many in McClure.   Hope to bump into them again soon.

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We headed north to the Avis Legion on a Sunday afternoon in June.  We don't get to this area much, but when we do it is always a great time. (above and below)

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Photo above shows Jim and Gary checking out Walt's '41 Ford at the Dutch Country Inn in mid-June.  But the Ford has a 283 Chevy motor under the hood???  Looks and sounds awesome!!  Photo below shows our good friends dancing the night away at the Dutch Country Inn.

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What a great time at the New Berlin Fireman's Carnival in late June.  We saw so many of our good friends there!

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Check out these dancers at the amphitheater at Raystown Lake.  Rangers Andrew and Melissa were shaking their booty to Mustang Sally.  Was AWESOME!!

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Before our gig at Knoebel's Grove in late June.  Such a nice time! (above) Photo below shows our new friends from Berks County who were doing the wave from the crowd.  We had a great time!

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It was a hot time in Landisburg in late June.  In the mid 90's late in the afternoon.  But that didn't stop this great crowd from coming out to support the Landisburg Fire Company. 

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Was still hot as we ended the month in Chambersburg at Randy's annual Fourth of July party.  Special thanks to Charlie and Todd for a great gig!  A better fireworks display you'll never see.  Thanks Randy for all of the great memories.

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