2013 Photos

January - June

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The two newest members of the Wheeling Jamboree!  What an honor and thrill for us.

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The two photos above and one below were taken at a benefit for Ron's Aunt Donna Drake to help offset costs related to her house fire in late October.   We were happy to help the family.

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At the PA Association of County Fairs Convention Showcase in January.

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We had a great time at the Greencastle American Legion in late January.  It was great to meet so many new friends. (above and below)

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It was great to see our friend Eric Piper when we returned to Jim's Tavern in February.

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We visited the Back Room in East Berlin for the first time in February (above and below).  We can't say enough good things about our visit there.  The hospitality and warm welcome we received from everyone is deeply appreciated.  The room was filled with people who appreciate traditional country music.   We can't wait to return there in April.

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What a great time we had at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown in late February.  It was great to return to the Village and see all of the fine people we met last year (above and below).

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We never know who is going to show up at Jim's Tavern!  Our good friend Denny and Georgie were there and Denny did a few songs with us.  Always great to see them!  And there were more new faces at Jim's in mid-March.  Hope to see you all again soon. (above and below)

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Jim and Shelby returned to the Wheeling Jamboree in mid-March. (above)  In the photo below, Shelby poses with Billy Ray Cyrus' cousin Bobby who shared the stage with Shelby and Jim.  And below that is backstage with pedal steel  player Jim Thompson, Shelby, Jim and rhythm guitarist Aaron after our portion of the show.

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What a super, duper great crowd we had at the Dutch Country Inn in late March. (two photos above and three below).  They were dancing in the aisles!   And some were sitting in the aisles!  It was a packed house!  Thanks to all for your continued support...

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Ernie can be his own light show, complete with flashing lights and sirens!!!

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We just love that our music touches all ages....love you guys....

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Check out this rowdy crowd at the Chambersburg American Legion! (above)  It was our first time at Chambersburg and we had a great crowd!!  Our line dancing friends from Carlisle came out to see us. (below) And we met many new friends.  Hope to see you again soon.

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Jim and Shelby at the Wheeling Jamboree to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the Jamboree.  Photo above is Jim with Jett Williams, daughter of the late Hank Williams, Sr.  Photo below is of Jim and Shelby on stage and below is Shelby with Darnell Miller, the patriarch of the Wheeling Jamboree.

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Back at the Back Room in March with the Boonie Brothers - Ernie and Mark!! There was a lot of reminiscing that night!  It was a joy playing with these two brothers. The Back Room is a great place to play with so many nice people. (above and below)

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At Jim's Tavern in March with Dallas and Betty celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.  Can you believe it?  They look like kids!! (above)  And below is Debbie with Peggy being silly.  Love you guys...

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At the Milton Moose in March with an all-star band.  Above has Dave Mudgett on steel and Danny on bass, with Scott 'Skippy' Ebright on drums. Below is the dancing crowd and below that is Colm on steel and Dave on the telecaster.  Colm traveled from Kansas City and Dave is from State College.

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We are fortunate to have been asked again this year to perform some of our music at the Steel Guitar jam at Stoverstown to benefit the American Cancer Society.  Jim is featured on steel and our friend Dave Mudgett is on the telecaster.

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Everybody on the dance floor at Jim's Tavern in May. Always a good time! (above and below)

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We had heard about the passing of the great George Jones a day before we played at the Dutch Country Inn in late April.  Our good friend Johnny Gibson sings George Jones almost as well as George himself.  We invited him to do some of George's songs in a tribute to the Possum.  It was a night to remember (above).  And Colm stopped by so we put him to work on the steel (below)! And down further is the dancing crowd at Dutch Country.

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Back to Dutch Country in May with our good friend Kay Swartz Cummings during the open mic portion of our show (above).  And below is our good friend Curt Nealman from the band Faces 4 Radio.  And below further is our sometimes bass player/drummer and dear friend Danny on Old Slewfoot!

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It was a beautiful evening in Centre Hall for the Nittany Antique Machinery Spring Show.  We meet so many nice people there and get to visit with those we've met in previous years.

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The long and short of it at Jim's Tavern in early June. (above)  And below our friend wanted to hear Tutti Fruiti - we were only to happy to oblige.  And Darlene got to dance!

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At the Newport Lion's Club Carnival in early June.  You should taste the great food here!!  Thanks Scott for drumming for us...

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Jim and Shelby traveled to Nashville in early June to represent the Wheeling Jamboree at CMA Fest (above).  And below got to perform at Layla's on Broadway in Nashville.

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It was a beautiful evening in Halifax at the Armstrong Valley Winery in mid-June. Always our pleasure to play our music for the winery visitors.

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We traveled to Union County to the New Berlin Fireman's Carnival in mid-June.  What a great place to eat and play on their stage.

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Back to Reedsville to the Dutch County Inn in late June.  This is one of our favorite places to play music and see our friends and fans.

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This is the crowd for our first trip to the Marion Festival in late June at Marion, PA.  We had such a GREAT time!!  We met so many new people and were so happy to see our fans and friends in this great crowd.   (above and below)

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Jim and Shelby perform at the world famous Wheeling Jamboree in late June.