July - December 2013

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Here is our friend Steve Prough doing a song with the band at Jim's Tavern in early July.

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What a beautiful evening in a beautiful venue.  The amphitheatre at Lake Raystown is a wonderful place to play music underneath the starry night and back to nature.

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Back to Dutch Country in late July with our friend Jim Treaster playing rhythm guitar on a few numbers.

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At the Belleville Fireman's Carnival in early August with our friends Dave and Colm.  Sure is nice to know these professional musicians and always nice to share the stage with them. (above and below)

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Check out this great crowd at the Ickesburg Fireman's Carnival in early August (above and below).  Always nice to see folks dancing to our music.

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We are always happy to play for the folks at the Huntingdon County Fair.  After all, 3 of us are from Huntingdon County!  We enjoy performing in front of our home crowd and visiting with our friends and neighbors. (above and below)

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Check out this GREAT crowd at the Greencastle Sportsman's Ox Roast.   Such a great time with our great friends (above and below).

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It's a great time going back each year to the Hickory Corners Carnival.  And the food is awfully good too!

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Here is Danny on his throne at the Kettle Creek Music Fest near Cross Fork in mid-August.

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Back to the Dutch Country Inn in mid-August.

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At the Path Valley Picnic in mid-August with this group dancing to "Chicken Truck".

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At the Centre County Grange Fair, above is Jim with Georgette Jones.  Below is Shelby with Tommy Cash.

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What a super crowd in Newport for the Perry County Fair in late-August.  It was a warm day but we met so many nice people.  And they like to dance like chickens in Newport too! (above and below)

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We did the gig at Mifflin Township the same day as the Perry County Fair.  It was a long, but memorable day for us.  We are always happy to meet new folks. (above and below)

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We visited Knoebels on the last Monday in August.  The folks at Knoebels are some of the best!

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To the Williams Grove Antique Machinery Show on the last day in August.  It is so rewarding visiting a venue that truly likes our music.  We had such a nice time there.  Special thanks to Mark Boonie for playing a great bass that evening. (above and below)

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Can you believe the ladies above are 87 and 90?  WOW!  We want to be just like them when we grow up!  These at our friend Peggy's picnic in early September. (above and below)

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It always brings us great joy to play and interact with the residents at Elmcroft of Lewisburg (2 above and 1 below).  They sure do like the music that is so close to our hearts.  Below is our new friend (and drummer) Elinor who always wanted to play the drums.  It was our pleasure to fulfill that request.....

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At the Gratz Fair in late September on a warm afternoon and evening.  We so appreciate our home crowds! (above)  And in the photo below Ron sings Linda on my Mind while Linda plays the guitar!  And below that is a new member of the band, Camden!

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Wow this was a dream come true!  To perform at the great Bloomsburg Fair in late September was AWESOME!!! (above) And below is  a shot of the GREAT crowd there and below that is the GREAT crew.  A big thank you to all at the Bloomsburg Fair!

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To the Armstrong Valley Winery in late September for their Fall Festival.  We met so many new friends there and we all had a great afternoon! (above and below)

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It's always a great time at the Dutch Country Inn - October 2013

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What an honor for Shelby and Jim as they become members of the world renowned Wheeling Jamboree in October 2013.  This group of five people are the first to be inducted to the Jamboree in 17 years.

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More good times at Dutch Country above and below.  Special thanks to our good friend Curt Nealman for taking the bass, rhythm and lead guitars.  And for the fine vocals.

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What a nice evening at the Winery at Grandview near Mount Joy in November.  It is such a personal performance for those at the winery.

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Check out this great group at the Millerstown Moose in November.  Such a great place for people to go.

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Check out who is behind the steel guitar at Jim's Tavern!  It's our honorary band member Eric Lee Piper (above)!  He just loves that sweet steel guitar music.  So do we!  And below is our good friends Debbie and Cindy with Shelby on Redneck Woman.

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At the Vietnam Vets Club in Chambersburg in November.  Joe, Mark and Mitch did a great job playing for the folks there. (above and below)  Below is our good friend Charlie - you just never know what get up he will be in when he comes to see us!

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At the Dutch Country Inn in December with our good friend George Putt fiddlin' around! (above) We just love it when the Knepp Family Singers join us on a song! (below)

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Well we've made it through 2013.   What a joy it is for us to share our music with all of you that we've met along the way.  It is always our pleasure to talk with you as we travel across the state and the country.  Wishing you all a very Happy New Year (above and below)!  See you in 2014!!!

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