January through June


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We started out the new year at the Back Room in East Berlin (above and below)  A great time always at the Back Room with terrific folks!  The Folsom Prison train was on track and Shelby celebrated her 29th birthday....again.   :)

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The Hillbillies (above) came out to the Dutch Country Inn in January - must have had a case of cabin fever!  At any rate, lots of friends came to see us.  And below, Curt (with his camo guitar!), Catherine and the Knepp Family Singers made an appearance!

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We visited a new venue in January - the White Circle Club in Carlisle.  What a great time with some pretty great folks!  See you again in the fall. (above and below)

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We just love the folks and the hospitality at the Back Room in East Berlin.  We get to play that good old country music there.   Come out some time and check it out.

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We were back at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle for the first time this year.  It was so good to see our friends and fans there.   Peggy above is holding one of our new fans.  And below Eric is entranced with Jim and that steel guitar.  And further down, Benny and his dad John on the dobro pose for a photo.  And further, Greg gets down!!!

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We had several special guests at the Dutch Country Inn in March, but Gary was a big surprise for everyone!  So happy you stopped by to share your amazing voice. (above) And below, steel player John Traxler helps out while Jim Treaster sings.  And below, they danced the night away....

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We just love playing at the Back Room in East Berlin.  To see everyone up and dancing and enjoying the music brings us great joy.   In March above and below.

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At Jim's Tavern in March in our Steelers garb.  Wonder if they won....

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At Hogan's Place in April above and below.   Everyone loves to dance to the music.

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Shelby and Jim at the 81st Anniversary show of the Wheeling Jamboree in April (above).  Always a great time in Wheeling!

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Jim was featured at the Steel Guitar show near Stoverstown again this year.  Special thanks to Chili, Dave and Mark for rounding out the band. (above and below)

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We were honored to play for the 80th birthday of our friend Wayne Reisinger in May.

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Back to the Dutch Country Inn in May with Jim Treaster on guitar and Shelby on bass (above).  Isn't it great to see all those dancing folks at Dutch Country?! (below)

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Those redneck women were at it again at Jim's Tavern!  Always great when Debbie and Cindy take the stage with us (above).

Benny plays a song with his dad on the dobro (below).  And Charlie takes the stage with the band. (below)

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Jim takes the stage with Tommy Cash and the Cash Crew in Ohio in late May. Always a good time with these guys!

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We played two nights of music at the Nittany Antique Tractor Show at Centre Hall.  The folks there love to square dance. (below)

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Don't you love to see folks dancing to the music?  That's what happens when we take the stage.  The photos above and below are from Hogan's near Lewistown.  Special thanks to George Putt and Curt Nealman for taking the stage with us.

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At CMA Fest in Nashville representing the Wheeling Jamboree with Darnell Miller (above).  Below with our good friend Stella Parton and below performing at Layla's on Broadway in Nashville.

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In early June we returned to the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville.  Johnny Gibosn does a few with the band and later the audience dances the night away.... (above and below)

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A lot of great memories were made at the Marion Festival in mid-June.  This crowd loves the classic country music that we play. (above and below)

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This was a first for us in late June at the Juniata Valley Winery south of Mifflin.  A beautiful venue with a great crowd.   Hope to see you folks again soon.  (above and below)

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Another first for us at the Walnut Bottom Fireman's Carnival in late June.  Check out this GREAT crowd (above).  And below on stage under the lights.  Special thanks to Dave Yarlett for thinking of us.

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