Photos January to June

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We started out 2015 at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville (above).  The photos below show our friends for the open mic portion at Dutch Country.  Below is our friend friend George Putt with his new Christmas gift fiddle and then 92 years young Tim on his harmonica.

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Having a great time at Jim's Tavern in Greencastle (above and below) in mid-January.

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Helping out our friends Faces 4 Radio while Steve recuperates from a hand injury.  Above and below at Hogan's Place near Lewistown.

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At the Back Room in East Berlin.  This dance floor is one of the best in the area.  And so nice when from the stage when it is filled to capacity (above)!  And below, being photo bombed by Jody and Curt!

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At the PA Association of County Fairs Convention in January promoting the band and the Wheeling Jamboree.

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We played a private birthday party for a gentleman in Valley View turning 80 years young.  We had a great time and met some pretty great folks.  Photos below show some of the young'uns watching Jim and Jody play.  Could be some future musicians there!

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A great night at Hogan's Place near Lewistown in early February.  While the weather was cold and blustery, it was warm and cozy with all the folks there. (above and below)

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Our first trip to the Chambersburg Amvets Club was a great one!  So many folks who wanted to have a great time and dance!   Hope to see you back there again soon. (above and below)

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The clubs in Chambersburg are filled with great folks! We traveled to the Marine Corps League in late March and had a GREAT time! (above and below)

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To the Dutch Country Inn in March.   Always a good time with some pretty great folks. (above and below)

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When we travel to the Back Room in East Berlin, we know that these folks are there to dance.  So we play lots of music and talk very little.  Seems to make everyone happy! (above) And below times two shows the great stage (and us!)

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We just love these folks at Jim's Tavern.   You won't find a more loyal group of folks. (above)  And below with our loyal friend, Eric Piper.

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April took Shelby and Jim to the 82nd Anniversary of the Wheeling Jamboree.  So proud to be part of this historical country music tradition.  Above is the whole group of the evening's performers.  Below is our performance.  And below that is Shelby, Jim, Georgette Jones, the anniversary show's featured performer, and her back up singer, Stephanie in a selfie prior to her departure.

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Back to Dutch Country in mid- April.   Just like going home...  (above and below)

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With John on dobro and Denny on lead guitar at Jim's Tavern in late April (above).  And below our good friend Charlie, who just returned from Florida dances with one of his dance partners.

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The Folsom Prison train is on the tracks at Hogan's Place in early May (above). And in photo below, the party goes on as our friends dance the night away. And below that is the band.

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This was our first visit to the Buddy Boy Winery near Duncannon and we hope it isn't the last.  We met some pretty amazing folks there.  Hope to see y'all again soon.

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Fisherville Day, 2015.  The first of what will be an annual event of the small village of Fisherville.  Many historic events and some mighty fine cooking too.  And Elvis and us showed up to do the music.   A memorable day indeed.

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At the Dutch in mid May.  Some many folks there who love to play during the open mic portion. (photos above and below)

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And they like to dance at the Dutch too!

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At the Back Room in mid-May.  This dance floor is one of the best in the area.  Come check it out.

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Our good friends at Jim's Tavern in mid-May.   Some of the most loyal fans....

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The Newport Lions Club Carnival was a great time. We see so many folks there that love that good old country music. (above and below)

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This is the crowd before we started at the Lions Ox Roast near St. Thomas.  The food there was incredible. (above).  And below, Pat trys out Jim's Waylon Telecaster.  Needs new strings he reports! lol

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In June, Jim and Shelby had the honor of performing at the Nashville Palace in Tennessee.  What an honor and privilege to have that opportunity (two photos above). And below is the duo with Moore and Moore, the hostesses of the event.  And below again is Mark Alan Cash, son of Tommy and nephew of Johnny with the duo.

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While in Nashville, we also met Marty Haggard, son of Merle along with our good friend Rick Buck.

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Back to Jim's Tavern in June with some special guests, John Shank and Eric Piper.

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To the Dutch Country Inn in June with our good friend Buck Weigle on bass (above). And below, they dance the night away at the Dutch!

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Above and below at the Marion Festival.   Our good friend Jim Harris from Poverty Flats, WV traveled to play bass.  Our gig got cut short by a thunderstorm, but a great night it was!

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We just love the historic stage at Knoebel's Amusement Resort - the acoustics are amazing!  The staff at Knoebels makes us feel like family when we come here. This day at the end of June was beautiful. Check out the new ride below.

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To the Landisburg Fireman's Carnival in late June (above).  Our good friends Linda and John had the dancing going for the evening! (below)

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