Photos 2016

January through June

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Our first night at JP's at Stop 35 in Mifflintown in January(above and below).  A pretty special evening with some pretty special folks.

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Just love to see the dance floor filled at the Dutch Country Inn in mid- January (above).  And our good friend George Putt takes the stage with us on the fiddle (below).

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The Back Room in mid-January.  This dance floor and the folks that occupy it are second to none. (above)

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Back to the Dutch in early February.   Check out the dance floor (above).  And below, our good friend Floyd Sheets shares the stage and songs with us.

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Back to JP's at Stop 35 in February for a sweethearts dinner and dance (above).  And below, Willie made the scene (with Frank Specht)!!

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We returned to the Chambersburg Legion in mid-February after not being there for a few years.  Great times! (above and below)

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MinnequaTableFeb.jpg (58967 bytes)

During the break, Pat was telling some pretty funny stories!! (above)  And below, our friend Floyd Sheets sings on of those belt buckle shining songs.

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DutchMarchRaven2016.jpg (65784 bytes)

Our good friend Raven got a Tele for Christmas and is working on our opening song, Memphis.  Great that he joined us onstage. (above)  And below, our friends and neighors love to dance!!

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And they love to dance at the Back Room in East Berlin also!  (above) And below, we like when the young'uns like to learn about the steel guitar. March 2016

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JWSNHawkApril2016.jpg (64666 bytes)

In early April, Jim and Shelby traveled to Wheeling, West Virginia for the anniversary of the Wheeling Jamboree to perform with Hawkshaw Hawkins, son of Jean Shepard and the late Hawkshaw Hawkins.  What a thrill!   (above)  And below, Shelby and Jim take the stage and below Hawk does.

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Another great night at JP's in Mifflintown (above and below)!

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Our good friend Tim Ruggierri, 92 years young, loves to play with the band (above).  And below, the Knepp Family singers at the Dutch!  April 2016

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We returned to Jim's Tavern in mid-April and our favorite DJ Eric Piper does a tune with the band.

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What a THRILL to perform with Marty Haggard in a benefit concert for the PA Wounded Warriors in Mifflintown on April 30 (above).   And below, the great crowd and our special guests.

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GaryHaggardApril2016.jpg (69486 bytes)

Special guest and emcee Gary Swartz.

AmberHaggardApril2016.jpg (63628 bytes)

Special guest Amber Foose Miller.

FloydHaggardApril2016.jpg (64690 bytes)

Special guest Floyd Sheets who opened the show.

DutchJune2016.jpg (69313 bytes)

At the Dutch in June with some mighty fine pickers! (above)  Thanks Charlie, Danny and Nick for the fun evening! And below, they love to dance at the Dutch!

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A great time at the St. Thomas Ox Roast in early June


MarionBandJune2016.jpg (61618 bytes)

At the Marion Festival in June 2016. Oh what a night!!  (above and below)

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Knoebels1.jpg (81344 bytes)

It was a great time at Knoebel's Amusement Resort in late April (above).  And below, check out these two!!

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NewBloomJUne.jpg (99165 bytes)

At the New Bloomfield fireman's carnival in late June.  A great time with some pretty great folks.