July through December

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We started out July at the Dutch Country Inn with two of our good friends George Putt and Tim Ruggieri (above), and below they danced and danced.....

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Jim and Shelby at the Wheeling Jamboree opening for the great Mickey Gilley (above) and (below) with the man himself!

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We played the amphitheater at Raystown Lake in mid-July.  Rain threatened but never materialized.  Special thanks to our good friends George Putt and Chipper Hess for taking the stage with us.

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With our good friends Kenny and Curt at Jim's Tavern. (above) And below, dancing the afternoon away.

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At the Winery at Grandview near Mt. Joy overlooking the vineyard in late July. (above and below)

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This is the only photo we have from playing at the Ickesburg Fireman's Carnival.  An electric breaker blew after our second song and they brought the firetruck around back, fired up the generator and gave us power to continue the show.   And we forgot to get any more photos!

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We returned to the Dutch Country Inn in early August.  George Putt is fiddling and Danny is on guitar. (above) And the dancing goes on (below).

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The crowd awaits the Wheeling Jamboree Roadshow at the Huntingdon County Fair in early August (above)  And below, Shelby and Jim onstage with the artist members Shana Smith and Steve Smith of the Jamboree. 

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Jim and Shelby with Georgette Jones at the Huntingdon County Fair in early August (above). And below, is the standing room only crowd at Georgette's show.

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The band traveled to Cross Fork for the Kettle Creek Music Fest in early August (above).  What a beautiful venue - check out the photo below.

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We traveled to East Waterford for the fireman's carnival.   Above is our good friend Steve Symerman onstage with us.  Below is Charlie Dickens onstage with us with another of his costumes.  And below they just love to dance!

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Everybody's looking for shade on this very warm day in mid-August at the Greencastle Ox Roast.  A great crowd at this fun event. (below)  We were happy to see the sunset in Greencastle!

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Jim played for the queen contest at the Centre County Grange Fair (above)  in mid-August.  And Shelby was a judge.   Special thanks to Brenda and Virginia for the opportunity to play the Grange Fair! (below)

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Check out this great crowd (despite a few raindrops) at the Perry County Fair in late August (above) and the great stage we get to perform on (below).

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We love to play for the fine folks at the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown.  We traveled there in late August and had a GREAT time (below).

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Knoebels Grove was the place to be in late August!  We just love to play at Knoebels!!

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Everybody loves to dance at the William's Grove Antique Machinery Show in late August (above). And below our good friend Buck Weigle takes the stage with us (below).

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Red Run Park was a new venue for us this year.  We met so many nice folks there (above).  Thanks to Curt and Charlie for taking the stage with us (below).

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We were honored and proud to be part of the PawPaw-Looza benefit for the Juniata County Pet Pantry.  Special thanks to Faces 4 Radio for helping us out. (above and below)

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We love to perform for the residents of Elmcroft in Lewisburg (above and below).  And it is a great feeling to see them sing along dance to the music.

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Prior to our first performance at the Bloomsburg Fair in late September (above).  What a privilege and honor to play at the biggest fair in Pennsylvania! Thanks to all for making our time there memorable (see below).

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Always a great time with great folks at the Dutch Country Inn near Reedsville in October (above and below).

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A great crowd at the Back Room to dance the night away in October (above).

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Here Georgie and Denny make it to Jim's Tavern in October (above ). And Greg Johnson takes Jim's steel on a few numbers at Jim's (below).  And below is Debbie and Cindy doing a song with the band.

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At Hogan's Place in November we met Earl Hughes from Alaska who wanted to play with the band (above).  And below Earl is with his partner Fred doing a number with the band.

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Merry Christmas from Hogan's Place

Ernie, Shelby, Jim, Danny and Curt

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Merry Christmas from the Dutch Country Inn

Jim, Shelby, Ernie, Danny and Ron

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Merry Christmas from the Back Room

Ernie, Shelby, Jim and Mark

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Merry Christmas from Jim's Tavern

Jim, Pat, Shelby, Jody and Curt

And a very Happy New Year!!!

See you in 2015!!!!