Photos 2016

July through December

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We rang in July 4th at Raystown Lake at Huntingdon.  A beautiful venue with some might fine folks! (above and below)

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A great time at the People's Choice Festival in Boalsburg in mid-July.

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At the Ferryboat Campground near Liverpool in mid-July.

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Our gig at the Vineyard at Grandview near Mount Joy was a great time with a great view.

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At the Fetterhoff's Lutheran Church ice cream festival in early August.

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The Huntingdon County Fair in mid-August above and below with special guest Michael Twitty. 

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And the view from Jody's throne at the fair...

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The Enders Grove Reunion in mid-August.   It was a hot one!

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The Greencastle Sportsman's Ox Roast in mid-August.  A hot one tonight! (above and below)

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WmsGrove.jpg (80036 bytes)

The Williams Grove Antique Tractor and Steam Engine Show in late August.

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A beautiful day at Red Run Park near Waynesboro (above and below).  We just love a dancing crowd!

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BeanSoupSept.jpg (64596 bytes)

At the historic McClure Bean Soup in mid-September.

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From the stage at the 2016 Bloomsburg Fair!   A great time, great crowd, great folks. (above )  And below, the view from Jody's riser.

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We just love our band family - Pat, Lori, Judy, Shelby, Jim, Curt, Peggy and Jody.

BackRoomOct1.jpg (54701 bytes)

At the Back Room in early October with Denny and Dane.

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At Jim's Tavern in mid-October

CurtBdayDutchOct.jpg (47720 bytes)

Curt celebrates a birthday with the fine folks at the Dutch Country Inn in October (above and below).

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JPsOct2.jpg (58315 bytes)

At JP's in Mifflintown for a Halloween dance and party (above and below)

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At the White Circle Club in mid-November.

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A great crowd on hand in November (below) at the Dutch Country Inn.  Our friend Colm from Kansas City sat in on steel guitar and Raven did a few tunes (above).

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BackRoomNov1.jpg (50362 bytes)

At the Back Room in mid-November, dancing the night away (above and below)

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The Messiah Lutheran Church benefit with Brad Crum's Elvis show in late November.

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A great crowd on hand at the Dutch in December.

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Jody's new head gear for Christmas party at JP's in December.

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A great time at the Armstrong Valley Winery in late December ringing in the holiday spirit (above and below)

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NewYearCrowd.jpg (77132 bytes)

New Year's Eve at the Dutch Country Inn (above and below)

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Happy New Year from the band.  It's been a memorable 2016.  We're looking forward to more good things in 2017.  See you next year!!!