Wheeling Jamboree 2014

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With Mickey Gilley in July 2014

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Wheeling Jamboree 2012 - 2013

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Click on the link below to watch the show....

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We got to open this very special member induction evening!

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Our exclusively designed trophy

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With Dave, Jim, Shelby, Bobby, Shana and Stacy

The Wheeling Jamboree New Member Induction Show 10/12/13

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Receiving our membership trophies and medallions

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What a memorable evening!

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Our friends the Benders came to see us!

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And Jane and her family came too!

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Oh what a night!!

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With our good friend Dave!

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Jim with Jett Williams at the 80th Anniversary Show

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During our portion of the 80th Anniversary Show in April 2013

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During the photo session

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The whole crew at the 80th Anniversary show of the Wheeling Jamboree.


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We were so honored to return to Wheeling in November 2012.  The Wheeling Jamboree is now broadcast from the Wheeling Island Casino.

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Such an privilege to be part of country music history

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Jesse traveled from Pittsburgh to see the show

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During this broadcast in January 2013, it was announced that Jim and Shelby would be the newest members of the Wheeling Jamboree!!!  Sometimes we must pinch ourselves to be sure we are not dreaming.  So humbled at being part of the heritage of the Wheeling Jamboree.

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The Wheeling Jamboree celebrates its 80th year anniversary in 2013



March 20, 2010

We had a great trip and we were so happy to have our fans and friends from central Pennsylvania in the audience.

Click on the link below to watch our show..

Wheeling Jamboree

Check out the photos.....

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Here we are preparing to leave again on Tommy Cash and the Cash Crew's tour bus.  It was a great way to travel to the Jamboree.

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Gary was a great driver.  We got a little bit concerned when he asked us to hand him Shelby's guitar because he wanted to sing on the bus too!

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Here we are during our sound check at the Jamboree.  Our show was broadcast from the Scottish Rite Building stage.

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It was a beautiful old building with great architecture.

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Here we are all dressed up and ready for our portion of the show.

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We finally take the stage at the Jamboree.

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These are our fans and friends who rode the two buses to Wheeling.  I was trying to figure out who everyone is from the balcony!

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Much to his surprise, we asked our bus driver, Gary Swartz, to do a number with us onstage.

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A shot of us from the balcony.

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This is what we saw to the right of the stage.

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Those bright spot lights made it about 10 degrees warmer onstage.

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This was Alans first time to perform at the Wheeling Jamboree.



Wheeling Jamboree

June 27, 2009

Wow, what a night!!!

Click on the link below to watch the show:

Wheeling Jamboree Show

To check out the photos, see below....

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Here we are!  All ready to hit the road at 10:00 AM at Stop 35 in Mifflintown.  Only four hours to Wheeling.

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Here is our bus driver, Gary Swartz.  And we thought we were in good hands?!?!?! Ha!! He's the only one we know who can drive with his eyes closed!

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We are only about 30 miles out....and getting anxious....

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And finally, we arrive at the Victoria Theatre in Wheeling.   Only about four more hours until show time.  Sound check is at 4:00.

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Just after we arrived, our fans and friends from back home came in on the chartered bus.  We are thankful to all of you for making the trip to be with us.

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We are working with the sound crew to get the right sound for our show later.

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Jim and Shelby do a pre-show interview with Dave Heath of the Wheeling Jamboree.

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The bluegrass band, Cabin Fever, opened for us.

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And finally, the time arrives for us to take the stage of the Jamboree.  We were all a little nervous until we saw the faces of our fans and friends.

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Here is Jim and Tim swapping licks...

wheelingKingyYogi.jpg (64644 bytes)

And Kingy and Yogi keeping time...

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And Joseph gave us a steady beat....

wheelingJimShelb.jpg (59338 bytes)

Jim and Shelby on Jackson....

wheelingShelb.jpg (68232 bytes)

And Shelby .....

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WOW!! Our name in lights!!

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After the show, Wayne Garman from Shippensburg, gave Shelby the Wheeling Cowbell that he bought on his first trip to the Jamboree in 1958.

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And after it was all over, we packed up the bus and headed back home.  Our dream trip to Wheeling had come to a close.  Thanks for making this memorable trip with us.

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