We returned to Green Valley Recording in early 2018 to lay tracks down for our recording entitled Rolling With the Flow.  This one became available in September 2018 and is available at our shows or online.

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Back to the studio in October 2011 to start our next album at Nostalgic Recording near State College.  We are excited to get back to recording.

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Our good friend Blaine Shover put great fiddle licks on the recording.

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Don't these two look tired?!?!?  And we just started?!!??!

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And Joseph is back on drums....



We began recording our first album on September 3, 2008 at

Green Valley Recording Studio in Hughesville, PA

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Richard Rupert, owner of Green Valley Recording, does double duty at the board and playing bass guitar

Studio0908 005.jpg (77680 bytes)

Jim is ready to play those pretty licks on his steel guitar

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Joseph is so talented!!

Studio0915 004.jpg (56407 bytes)

Shelby putting rhythm guitar on a few tracks

Studio0915 002.jpg (73245 bytes)

Jim broke out the Telecaster for the sessions

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Gary in the booth adding those sweet harmonies...

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Gary, Jim, Bill Wagner listening to the tracks...

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Jim, Joseph and Richard at the board during mixdown

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Shelby at the board on the final night of the mixdown.   The CD is now complete and onto Disc Makers for reproduction.  Should be finished in about three weeks.  Watch the web for upcoming news about the CD release parties. 

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